Yes, Good Italian Food is Hard to Find in LA

Two weeks ago I took a class at Kleverdog called “Life Planning & Intention Setting” which was an awesome kick in the butt! What I mean is, we all need a little nudge in the right direction every once in a while. Anyway, as part of the class we each received 150 post-it notes and a 5′ long sheet of butcher paper. The task – write down everything you’ve ever wanted to do, whether it involves traveling to the moon or eating really good risotto (the latter was what I wrote down). The intent was to figure out what you want to do by writing it all down and then pruning and organizing it. I walked away feeling both disappointed at my recent progress and inspired with new ideas for my business. Thankfully, my two glasses of wine offered to tuck me into bed early that night.

The next day, I happened to finish work early and took a rare trip into downtown looking for a good happy hour. Engine co. 28 was my first choice, with their decadent $5 eggplant parm crostini and grilled cheese onion jam (amongst other deliciousness) and happy til that lasts all night. However, we ended up at Maccheroni Republic purely based on the many one-way streets, lack of parking and my impatience to get to Happy hour.

Nested between an aging McDonald’s and a big parking structure, Maccheroni Republic is easy to miss, but worth the trek. They didn’t serve alcohol (boo!) so I went and bought a bottle of red from Buzz nearby (faux happy hour, I guess). Honestly, everything on the menu looked thoughtfully put together. I had the fried shrimp fritters (it tasted like good dimsum), a barley/beet salad/blue cheese & ricotta salad (fulfilling), a conchiglie pasta with a fish ragout that was subtle and really well made. And of course, I had to get the wild mushroom risotto, which was bomb-diggity! Creamy, dense, delicious, topped with fresh wild mushrooms and lots of love. I ended the night with a wonderfully-made vanigle cream dish that concluded my favorite Italian meal in LA.

Other noteworthy things:
The security guard is very helpful and super nice.
The server is from Italy!
There is no corkage fee.
Everything is made from scratch. Except the vanilla ice cream.
I went back to MR again last night.

Thank you, Maccheroni Republic.