What’s a Creative Juice Bar?

What I have noticed about “coworking” coworkers, is that they are not your typical 9-5 worker. Gone are the days when you punched in and punched out, now you are expected to make the most of your time. Kleverdog provides a space for productivity and efficiency on your own work schedule, as our members take advantage of 24/7 access to stay later to finish a project, come in earlier to skype with the East coast, and maybe come in on the weekend to clear that inbox.

But we also offer a creative outlet. Everyone is encouraged to join our Creative Juice Bar Meet-up. The Creative Juice Bar is a place where you get together with other people searching for a creative outlet, to perfect a new skill, or to just join in some fun, community learning.

Classes and workshops are divided into 5 primary categories: Special Skills, Crafts, Weird Science/Tech, Green Living, and Chop Suey. Some classes may be practical such as “Beginner Survival Skills” and others may be for pure entertainment such as “Learn to Swear in 20 Languages.” All classes are community driven, meaning that anyone can be an instructor, and ideas for future classes are wholeheartedly encouraged. There is a minimal fee for materials and to compensate an instructor for their time (typically under $20). This is lifelong learning for the pure fun of learning!

You can sign up now for this workshop tomorrow: Using Art for Social Action.