Open Letter to the Coworking Curious

Dear Curious,

We have seen a lot of news concerning this new economy and it’s new needs for this next generation of workers. Recent statistics would have us believe that freelancers for instance, are expected to grow to be by 2020, more than 40 percent of the American workforce, or 60 million people – freelancers, contractors and temp workers (Read more).

Other reports celebrate this new entrepreneur-age with stories of incredible growth in Startups, from San Diego to Silicon Valley here in California.

So this begs the question, where are all these workers working? Some work from home, some from coffee shops and some from public spaces like the library or mall. If only there was an office that they could afford – work independently but not miss out on the “watercooler” social aspect. Or better yet, a place where they can meet other solopreneurs and telecommuters. Or even better, a place where you can find a web developer to help with your project, or a production coordinator or get some consulting on your business ideas.

Enter coworking. From our website: Kleverdog Coworking is not just about the membership options, or the hours, or the comfort of your chair. It is about being in an environment where entrepreneurship is fostered, where other like-minded people come together to make something real, where a casual conversation in the kitchen leads to a perfect collaboration on the latest mobile app, and where working in solitude is replaced with community and where accidental serendipity is bound to happen.

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