Meet the Neighbors – Lollicup!

You will hear it often, coworking and coffee! But here at Kleverdog Coworking we say how about adding some boba! Sometimes called Bubble tea, or also known as pearl milk tea or boba milk tea, it’s a Taiwanese tea-based drink invented in tea shops in Taichung, Taiwan, during the 1980s. The added ingredient here is the chewy tapioca balls that require a big straw and can be added to any number of tea recipes containing a tea base mixed with fruit or milk. Ice-blended versions are now very popular usually mixed with fruit or syrup, resulting in a slushy consistency. Today different types of black tea, green tea, or even coffee form the basis of boba drinks. The most common black tea varieties are Oolong and Earl Grey, while jasmine green tea is most common at almost all tea stores.

Just around the corner off Bamboo Lane in Chinatown you’ll find our neighbor Lollicup! A global franchise currently expanding to Europe, but there are actually 20 in L.A. County alone and we understand the popularity – it’s their ever-expanding menu! Some locations serve fried squid balls, crispy tofu, mixed fried rice and ice cream sundaes too, but we’re there for the amazing drinks. Try something different each time you visit, Taro Latte today, Red Bean Milk tomorrow, Pistachio frappe the next day, I liked the Brown Sugar Tea Latte and oh, you gotta try the Avocado smoothie. And that’s not all, they are expanding their space! Soon to have a sit down area to relax and enjoy! Or bring it back to Kleverdog and slurp through that work load. 😉