Life is Like a Banh mi Sandwich

Ever notice how life is full of surprising juxtapositions? Like snowboarding in your shorts or Grand Park in the middle of DTLA or Sonny and Cher… or an excellent Vietnamese Banh mi sandwich in the heart of Chinatown. Or even coworking in Chinatown for that matter. I’ve been working from Kleverdog Coworking for a year now and I have to admit, it was curiosity that brought me here. Imagine, 21st century coworking amidst the century old Chinatown adjacent to the growing metropolis that is Downtown Los Angeles. And you can ask David or Kelly about the history of the space that they have lovingly converted to a creative workspace – a collaborative workspace that has developed a community of some very diverse people in very different industries. It’s just what you need to get your business started in a new way, thinking outside the box because, well, there is no box here. Stop on by and take a free tour. And ask me where to find that Banh mi sandwich and maybe I’ll warn you about the peppers.;)

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