Endeavour Fly-Over

It’s not often you get to see a space shuttle attached to a 747 zoom over your head, but twice? We we’re lucky enough to see the giant craft pass over us as a bunch of coworkers and Jelly-ers gathered on the roof today. It was certainly surreal to see the plane appear in the distance, flying impossibly close to City Hall, and roaring past us as we cheered and waved. We knew it’s route would bring it past us again, so must of us stayed put and talked about the exciting, once-in-a-lifetime event we had just witnessed. We could hear the escort jets roaring in the distance before we could see it again pass right over our head! Sharing this experience with our coworkers was certainly a highlight of the week and I look forward to more out-of-this-world fun to come!

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Have you visited the Space Shuttle at the California Science Center yet? Here’s more info.

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