Jucy Roadtrip

Written by davidoshima

For those not so inclined to spend the night on the hard ground but don’t have access to an RV with all the comforts of home, there is an in-between option offered by the Australian company, Jucy. Their tagline is literally “everything including the Kitchen sink” and it pretty accurate. The vehicle is built on a standard family van (such as a Plymouth Caravan) with a passenger seating area that can transform into a cozy dinnette and then transform into a double bed. A popup on the roof of the van (called the Penthouse) can sleep two more. The kitchen sink is found in the rear of the van along with a really decent mini fridge, pull-out camping stove and a compartment to store the included plates, cups, cookware, and utensils. The only thing really missing is a bathroom, but I’m kind of glad they didn’t try to squeeze that in there as well. Because it is a standard van, it drives really easily and has decent gas mileage (around 20 mph) and can easily fit in a parking spot or drive up camping site you might find.

We had rented the Jucy van a couple of years ago for a West Coast adventure that took us from Los Angeles to Vancouver, Canada and it was an awesome experience. We rented a Jucy van again this Spring for a northern California / Southern Oregon trip that was another pleasant experience. I highly recommend checking them out (Jucy Van) if you’re thinking about a roadtrip with some added comfort and convenience. You can always pack your tent and sleeping bag if you want to rough it as well.

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