I’m a website developer, coworking space owner, gardener, minimalist, traveler, photographer, improviser, doggie parent, and geek.

When I was a kid, a friend and I would borrow his father’s video camera (until we could afford our own) and just shoot stories we made up on the fly. Some would involve a little planning, but most we’re just top-of-head expressions of whatever we were thinking about or thought would be funny. We didn’t stop to criticize or overthink the process. Of course, this meant we produced a ton of stuff that we will probably never show to anyone (although if you ask nicely, I may send you a link to some Vimeo uploads) but it also meant that we were achieving the truest expression of creativity that was unfettered by second guessing.

In college, I found that acting and improvisational theater was an excellent way to think creatively on my feet and express ideas, feelings, and stories using voice, motion, and the whole body.

With website development, it is a matter of listening to the site owner’s desires and needs (the scope) and being able to translate that into a website that can relay that to the visitor and potential customer/client. The goal is to create a conversation that serves as the first point of contact between the site owner and visitor.