Curry for Lunch, Anyone?

Hello, hardworking telecommuters! Take the doldrums out of your usual lunch and try something new this week. Curry House in Little Tokyo is having a promotion – 30% off lunch, dinner and take-out orders tomorrow and Wednesday this week!

I used to eat here regularly after church on Sundays; it would be nice to revisit the college days where I loaded up on carbs daily with reckless abandon. If you’re wondering what it’s like…well, I would call it Japanese food with an american twist. On top of your traditional curry dishes, they have toppings such as cheese, corn, fried eggs, onion rings, wieners,and potato croquettes that you can add to give it some flair. I find Japanese curry more creamy and mild than Indian and Thai curry. It also goes very well with fried food!

Anyone interested? We can do a ‘curry-run’ this week!

Click to see the menu.