Creepy Cute Delinquent Sock Monsters

Bored? Broke? Want to cheer up a friend? As long as you have an old pair of socks and some time, you can create your own creepy little sockmonsters to get you through a boring meeting, jury duty, fluorescent work nightmares, or an all around crappy day. These weird handmade toys are cost effective, fun to make, eco-friendly and a great way to make a quick one-of-a-kind present. They make you laugh and they never laugh at you… unless you sew their face that way!

The class was taught by Jessica DuVerneay and her Mom, Deb. Jessica is a former creepy art gallery owner, art teacher, and art librarian. She lives in exile in the San Fernando Valley where she swears the mall is moving 3 inches closer to her house every day. Currently, she’s an information architect with The Understanding Group.

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