Coworking, Coworking, Photo Exhibit, Coworking…

Call me a social animal, but I just could not work at home. Alone. Coworking at Kleverdog not only has better coffee and wifi than my place, but there’s something about being part of a community, that is encouraging. Inspiring. Oh ya, it’s the people!

And the community extends beyond the studio and our members, to include Chinatown and our neighbors as well. I just love exploring on my lunch hour, there’s so many interesting restaurants and souvenirs stores and markets with things I never knew I needed.

And then there’s Chung King Road Galleries. Today I noticed we have a new neighbor, and I ventured into drkrm gallery – recently moved from their Spring Street address to this new home (933 Chung King Rd, Chinatown CA 90012). They certainly opened with a bang, their first exhibit in the tall white new space is called “Developing Change” – a photography show “featuring eleven humanitarian organizations dedicated to positive and beneficial change through photography”. You want to see these photos taken by children in Afghanistan, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Botswana, Iraq, Mexico and even Wisconsin, NY and L.A.. This exhibit is also part of MOPLA – some great city-wide photography shows for the Month of Photography – Los Angeles. This shows ends this weekend, so go check it out: