Come Celebrate the Chinese Valentine’s Day!

Here’s a great way to break up the week, grab a partner and celebrate the Chinese Valentine’s Day tomorrow Tuesday Aug. 13th! Also known as the Qixi Festival – the holiday for lovers, the Los Angeles Chinatown will be lit up for those late night dinners and strolls through the world-famous Central Plaza.

Take pictures and share them on the Los Angeles Chinatown Facebook Page ( ) and sip a boba tea or stop by the bakeries for dessert. Bring home some souvenirs from any of the many shops and yes, there will probably be some folks shooting off confetti.

It’s this kind of diversity that makes me glad to work out of Chinatown and I hope you can come by to check out Kleverdog Coworking M-F 9am-6pm. And bring a date! 😉