Ciclavia With Me!

They say no one walks in L.A. and for the most part this is true, but why walk when you can ride? Los Angelenos have seen an increase in bike lanes around town and this Sunday will be the biggest route of all, from Downtown to Dogtown, they’re shutting down some streets so that you can ride your bike, skateboard, rollerblade or even walk across town.

Kleverdog Coworking is joining in with the festivities, we’ll be meeting here at 10am on Sunday and enjoying a car-free L.A.. You are welcome to join our bike gang as we ride through Downtown and stop at a food truck or take a break to hear a DJ in the great outdoors.

A huge thank-you in advance to the whole Ciclavia crew for organizing this amazing event and I hope you can take part! Here’s the route and check the rest of the website for a list of activities: