Chung King Road Gallery Openings This Saturday

We have always thought that coworking and art go hand in hand, and we love to take a break from the work load to peruse the many galleries that surround us. A majority of them have landed on Chung King Road – a walk street just off Hill Street across from Chinatown Central Plaza. In fact, you might want to come down to Chinatown this Saturday night for a group of art show openings!

This Saturday January 11th will feature art show openings at Coagula Curatorial, Charlie James Gallery, the new Red Pipe Gallery, Fifth Floor Gallery and for one night only there will be a show at Chung King Studio beginning at 6pm. Expect to see alot of cutting edge art, alot of new paintings and all under those glowing red lanterns overhead. Open to the public, each gallery has their own hours so check with them with any questions. Here’s a great summary from Mat Gleason at Coagula: CHUNG KING ROAD GALLERY OPENING RECEPTIONS