August 9 is National Coworking Day

The term “coworking” was coined by Bernie DeKoven in 1999 and on August 9, 2005, Brad Neuberg (one of the founders of Citizen Space in San Francisco) used it in an online article to describe a new way of working and collaborating. Here’s a link to that article. August 9th has become National Coworking Day to celebrate this on-going shift in how we work and to encourage people to try it out for the first time.

Today, there are over 1,500 coworking spaces worldwide, with almost 20 spaces in the greater Los Angeles area alone. Different spaces cater to different professions and can attract would-be coworkers by their geographic location, their amenities, their events, or that certain vibe that develops organically over time.

When people come for a tour at Kleverdog, we often observe that they are on a “coworking tour” — visiting multiple spaces and trying to find the right fit. As much as different coworking spaces are in “competition” with each other by virtue of being in the same line of business, there is certainly a desire to make people aware that not all spaces are the same and that is actually a good thing. If someone declines to cowork at Kleverdog in favor of another space, we’re happy that they found the right fit. We want to find out from each visitor what they’re looking for, what’s important to them, and what is their style of work. We encourage them to try out Kleverdog for the day; get to know the person working across from you, talk to other coworkers about their experience working there, and check out the neighborhood. Our tagline is “more than just a desk” to emphasize that there’s much more to just the physical space when choosing a coworking space to call home.

Free coworking days and “Jelly’s” are great ways to try out a space for the day. You can see a list of participating coworking spaces on meetup and there’s usually several throughout LA every week. We host ours on the third Wednesday of every month which includes a “show&tell” hour and an end-of-day happy hour to encourage interaction, networking and some socializing fun.

In celebration of National Coworking Day, Kleverdog is opening it’s doors to all who would like to experience what it’s like to work for the day in a coworking space. We encourage first-time visitors as well as those who have come through our doors in the past to join us Friday August 9 from 9:00am to 6:00pm. Come talk to us and let us know what you’re looking for. Happy Coworking!