Announcing Kleverdog Konnect, And You Are Invited!

A lot of the meet-ups that our Startup Toolbox holds involves great work tips and insider business how-to’s to help you build your business. For instance, this Wednesday’s meetup is a free workshop to help improve your networking skills! You can RSVP here:

The great thing about these workshops and seminars are the moments before and after as well; a time for you to meet someone new and learn something new! Well, we have created a separate event just for those initial meetings, and you know them as mixers. We call it The Kleverdog Konnect and it happens the fourth Wednesday of the month, each and every month! This meetup skips right to that magical time so we can get to know one another, exchange info, and find out what everyone is working on. Meet and mingle with other entrepreneurial kindred spirits! Come for drinks, some munchies and lots of connections. And it’s free! We just ask that you RSVP here:

Here’s a map to help you find us:

Kleverdog Coworking is located on a small street called Bamboo Lane between Hill and Broadway; just a couple doors down from Phoenix Bakery on Broadway. Look for the bright red door with the 418 address.  Bring a colleague too! We look forward to meeting you!