A Shared Office Space

Coworking is not really a new concept.

If you have ever joined a friend at the local coffee shop to get some work done together over a latte, you have coworked. If you have ever parked yourself at a friend’s kitchen counter while you hammered out a killer business plan, you have coworked. Met up at the local dive that offers free wifi and shared ideas and dreams with the person sitting next to you, you have coworked.

Get the idea?

Coworking is really about not working alone. You don’t have to be working with someone on the same project, but we are social creatures and ideas, productivity and general well-being are improved when we are around others like ourselves; people who are trying to get some work done, start a business, or collaborate on a project.

Kleverdog Coworking is not just about the membership options, or the hours, or the comfort of your chair. It is about being in an environment where entrepreneurship is fostered, where other like-minded people come together to make something real, where a casual conversation in the kitchen leads to a perfect collaboration on the latest mobile app, and where working in solitude is replaced with community and where accidental serendipity is bound to happen.

Membership Options

Flex Desk
Want to try out Kleverdog for the day or just need an occasional place to work? Come in during our regular business hours and pick a spot at the big flex desk to get some work done. You can drop in for the day or save some extra money by getting a 5 or 10-visit punchcard. You can also get a full-time membership — perfect for the mobile worker who counts their laptop and cellphone among their essential equipment. Your neighbors are other creative professionals, web developers, videographers, writers, and solopreneurs of all shapes and sizes.

Resident Member
Want to call Kleverdog your home? The Resident Member gets 24/7 access — you make your own hours and come and go as you please.

Studio Desk – $375/month
Several dedicated studio desks are available throughout the space. This is your workspace, so feel free to leave your monitor(s), your favorite stapler, and anything else that will make it uniquely your own. There is a studio space separate from the main flex desks, as well as options in the main studio.

Office – $1,100/month
The ultimate workspace — an office with a locking door and deskspace to share with a colleague or two. Over 120 sq ft. with three desks, three ergonomic chairs, task lamps, cabinets, whiteboard and a glass wall facing the main studio that brings in additional light. You have the option to include your business logo in vinyl on the glass to let everyone know that this is your space.


What are your hours?
Our hours are Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm (Resident Members get 24/7 access).

How do I pay?
We can take payment by cash, check or credit card. Credit card payments are auto-renewed at the beginning of each monthly billing cycle (the billing cycle starts on the first day you start here). Cash and check payments are invoiced at the beginning of each monthly billing cycle and due upon receipt.

What’s your policy on cell phone use in the space?
This is not a library nor is it a loud coffee shop — this is a community space, so we ask that you please be considerate of your neighbors when taking phone calls. You can jump into an unoccupied conference room or lounge. If you know you will be on a long call ahead of time, you can book the conference room. You can also bring headphones if you need extra focus for  your work (it is the international sign of “don’t bug me right now”).

Is there a maid service?
We do have a service that comes in for an overall cleaning twice a month. In between, we do ask you to help us keep things tidy by cleaning up after yourself, taking out your trash, and doing your own dishes. This is a self-sustaining community space and we can all pitch in to keep it shiny.

Who is the space for or not for?
We welcome freelancers, soloprenueurs, and mobile workers of all shapes and sizes but coworking is not for everyone. If you are a telemarketer or salesperson who’s on the phone all day, the distraction to others may make it uncomfortable for all. People who only wish to solicit business from the other coworkers for multi-level marketing schemes, etc. are not a good fit. Finally, if you are unsocial or absolutely refuse to talk and connect with others, you will be missing out on one of the highlights of the coworking experience. If you’re not sure if you will be a good fit, come in for a tour and try working for a few days to get a feel for it. We want you to help us build a diverse community of professionals in our shared office space.

What’s the policy on printing?
Membership includes use of our networked printer/scanner for light use. If you plan on printing more than 10 pages/day, we ask that you have it done elsewhere. There is a FedEx/Kinkos nearby in Little Tokyo.

How safe is my stuff?
We are not responsible for your property so be sure to insure your own belongings/equipment. You can use the locking cabinet at your desk or rent a locker if you need additional space. Cable locking systems for your laptop/montior are also a good idea. We do use a cardkey system for entry in to the building and have an alarm, so we do take steps necessary to keep things as secure as possible.