7 Things You May Not Know About Kleverdog Coworking

We are currently planning our 2nd Year Anniversary Open House ( Save the Date June 1st!) and it got me thinking how the time has flown by. Our community is larger and so are the perks. Allow me to share them with you – 7 things you may not know about Kleverdog Coworking:

1) Mailbox service – that’s right, as a member we welcome you to call us your office, use our address on your business cards, enough with the p.o. boxes already!

2) Discount on Zip Cars – this is new, we just partnered with them to be able to offer a great corporate rate, ask us more about it, save money, join the share-economy!

3) XBox/Gaming lounge – we realize that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so take a break, pick up a magazine, play a video game, maybe watch a flick on Netflix…

4) Lending library – bring a book, take a book, we have a range of non-fiction and fiction from PHP Essentials to The Whuffle Factor and more.

5) This used to be a restaurant (Chinatown history) – we are currently framing pictures from when this space use to be General Lee’s Man Jen Low, and will be on display during our Anniversary Open House when we will be welcoming the Chinatown Walking Tour. Come on by!

6) Learn to earn with our Kleverdog Academie downstairs for classes, workshops, seminars and more. It’s our event space for evenings and weekends and it’s all on our calendar online: http://kleverdogcoworking.com/events/

7) Dog-friendly – please RSVP on our dog-calendar if your would like to bring your furry coworkers in with you!

Come on in for a tour, we’ll have coffee and talk!