$5 Burger Nights Are Awesome in Echo Park

Another one of my favorite restaurants in Echo Park, situated right across from Dodger Stadium on Sunset Boulevard. A great place to check out after you’ve worked hard all day, especially if it’s a Jelly Coworking day! The Park is about 1.2 miles from Kleverdog, just up Sunset so you could hypothetically take the bus straight there if you are wary of parking. $5 Burger Nights are Wednesdays only, from 6-10pm. I stop by for lunch sometimes, it’s a nice little neighborhood restaurant with a very thoughtful menu. Their owner, Josh, sends out a great newsletter every week or so discussing their menu or some other interesting food topic. The food is very gourmet, comes in small portions, and always has a little ‘oomph’ in it. However, I’m only here to talk about $5 burger night (!!!) right now.

Let’s get down to business.

Everything is good. Sirloin burger, lamb burger, veggie and turkey- all good. For $5 you also get to choose from a potato salad, side salad, fries or a cole slaw. The Potato salad leaves much to be desired, but everything else, fantastico. Their lamb burgers are made with a mediterranean flair, something that is NOT to be missed! I’d be happy to pay three times as much to enjoy that lamb burger. The veggie burger should be ordered a la ‘Club Med’- they add gruyere, fried onions and a DELECTABLE olive tapenade to it. I usually top it off with some garlic and grilled mushrooms which is the cherry on top.

Here’s the scoop- get there before 7:30 and you’re good. Eat, drink, be merry, and walk out smugly through the line of hipsters waiting in line with wine glasses and shivering in their skinny pants. (yep…it’s 60 degrees out there) Enjoy your food, get out early, go eat some ice cream at Nice Kreme down the street and secretly thank Judy for your food find!

Come after 7:30  and it might change your mood and appetite a bit. You will proceed to circle around the neighborhood five times looking for parking, park far away, and join the line of hipsters in for a 20-40 minute wait. Glare at the people sitting around after they’ve finished their delicious meal, wondering if they should have dessert and another bottle of bubbly.

Note: Be wary of Dodger games, it’s a deal breaker if you end up stuck in line to Dodger Stadium on the way to burger night. Add fifteen minutes to your commute in that case.

Check out their delicious menu here: www.thepark1400sunset.com

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